Portland Pet Wellness Programs

At Peninsula Dog and Cat Clinic, our team is committed to keeping your pet healthy and happy. We provide a variety of pet wellness services for every stage of our patients’ lives, from puppy and kitten wellness exams to pain management for senior pets.

Preventative Spay & Neuter Surgeries

Our Portland pet wellness program includes spay/neuter surgeries. If your pet is unaltered, a routine sterilization surgery will reduce their risk of behavioral problems and cancer – and prevent them from contributing to Portland’s pet overpopulation problem. Preventative surgery is most effective if you schedule it before puberty, but we spay and neuter pets of all ages.

Disease & Parasite Prevention for Pets

If your new puppy or kitten isn’t vaccinated, get their wellness care started with a round of required immunizations, then follow up with booster shots for the next few months. Required core vaccinations include rabies and distemper, but we also offer non-core vaccinations for pets that face higher risks of contracting certain viruses.

Adult dogs and cats require these boosters for the rest of their lives. We also help you protect pets of all ages from fleas, ear mites, and other parasites. Your vet will prescribe and supply a parasite prevention product (usually a topical spray or oral tablet) for at-home use.

Annual Pet Wellness Exams

Our Portland veterinary team uses comprehensive diagnostic methods, including laboratory tests and physical exams, to help you maximize your pet’s quality of life for years to come. The sooner we spot changes in your senior pet’s health status, the sooner we can treat or manage any conditions before long-term problems arise.

Dental Care for Dogs & Cats

Dental hygiene plays a huge role in your pet’s overall physical health. Our dog and cat dental services include thorough cleanings to remove plaque buildup and prevent gingivitis. This gum disease can lead to infections in the blood and organs, so we encourage you to follow a regular schedule of pet dental check-ups. After we use ultrasonic cleaning and scaling equipment to remove plaque and tartar, we polish your pet’s teeth

Senior Pet Wellness Care

As dogs and cats age, their nutritional and medical needs will change. So will their vision, hearing, and mobility. At Peninsula Dog and Cat Clinic, we work hard to make this process as painless as possible. Your Portland veterinarian provides wellness care for your pet’s entire lifetime, but we recommend semi-annual exams during their mature years. This allows our vets to keep track of any physical changes, diagnose age-related health conditions like arthritis, and heart disease, and adjust your pet’s diet and medication if necessary.

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