Pet Emergency Trauma with Peninsula Dog & Cat Clinic Animal Hospital

Accidents and injuries to your pets occur at unexpected times. When a trauma occurs and causes dog or Cat bleeding injuries, you want to take immediate action to obtain emergency care. An emergency veterinarian in Portland can help pet car accidents injuries occur. When a trauma occurs, stay calm and take action to see an emergency vet.

What is a Trauma?

Trauma refers to an injury to your dog or cat that results in bleeding or severe pain. It may stem from dog hit by car accidents or other situations leading to a lesion or bleeding.

Whether a pet has a large cut or several small cuts, you want to seek assistance from a Portland vet to address the situation. Generally, an emergency animal hospital allows you to seek care immediately, even if it is not normal business hours.

Urgent and Emergency First Aid

Before seeking treatment from a Portland veterinarian, evaluate a pet’s injuries and take measures to assist with emergency first aid. Call a veterinarian serving Portland while you calm your pet. Never react with panic or fear, since it may cause your pet to feel threatened or may result in your pet panicking.

Speak softly to a pet and keep your face away from a dog or cat’s mouth. Never hug your pet, since it may cause fear in your pet and result in biting. Even a pet with mild manners can react badly to injuries and pain. Place a towel or cloth over a cat’s head to prevent biting and use a large towel or a cat’s carrier to move a cat. For a dog, you may need a stretcher.

Use a clean bandage, gauze or even a towel and press firmly on any bleeding wounds. Do not allow cuts to bleed freely, since it may result in excessive blood loss. Press gently and firmly on the injury while speaking calmly to your pet. Ideally, you want a second individual to drive while you keep a pet calm when seeking emergency care.

Going to an Animal Hospital in Portland

Always seek emergency care at an animal hospital in Portland when a pet is injured and requires medical treatment. Do not assume the injury will heal naturally since your pet may have severe bleeding or deep wounds. A veterinarian will evaluate the injuries and make suggestions for treatment after seeing the wounds and evaluating a pet’s needs. In some cases, a pet may need stitches to close the wounds. In other situations, a veterinarian serving Portland addresses internal bleeding and more complex injuries from a trauma.

Trauma injuries require immediate medical attention to reduce the risk of severe blood loss or complicated healing processes. Whether a pet is hit by a car or injured in other situations, you want to seek appropriate treatment at an animal hospital. For more information about the treatment process or first aid care for your pet, contact us today (503) 285-7661.