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Microchipping Your Pet


Each year, over 10 million dogs and cats are separated from their owners, according to the American Humane Society. One out of every three pets will become lost at some point in their lifetime. Unfortunately, the majority of lost pets are never reunited with their owners. A primary cause for this problem is missing identification or outdated tag contact information. Microchippingsolves this problem, making it easy to keep vital contact information up to date. Should your pet become lost, microchipping is the best chance for a happy reunion.

Vet Clinic Wellness Program Includes Pet Microchipping

A microchip is a small device, approximately the size of a single rice grain, which is implanted between your pet’s shoulders. Each microchip is encoded with a specific serial number. This serial number is linked to your contact information using a secure database. Should your pet become lost, a veterinarian or animal shelter can use a microchip scanner to locate your pet’s serial number and then securely access your contact information. Only an animal hospital or animal shelter can access this database, so your personal information is always safe and protected.

microchipping your petSetting up your pet’s microchip information is easy. Online enrollment takes only minutes, and your contact information can quickly be updated any time you move or change a phone number. While pet identification tags are still very important, our veterinarian knows that changing your pet’s tags can be a hassle. Tags can also fall off or become lost. A microchip is never lost and the information can be instantly updated.

If you take your pet with you on vacation, you can also temporarily update your address to match your family’s vacation address. This flexibility is an important benefit and significantly increases the chances that a lost pet will be returned home. Microchipping your pet also allows you to issue a lost pet alert, which automatically notifies pet owners, vet clinics and animal shelters in a the vicinity where your pet was lost.

We recommend microchipping your pet at the same time that your pet is spayed or neutered. However, if your pet has already been spayed or neutered and is not yet microchipped, we are happy to perform this procedure at our animal hospital. Microchipping is an important part of every pet wellness program, and our Portland veterinarian is proud to offer this vital service.

Our veterinarian understands that no pet owner wants to suffer the heartbreak of losing a beloved pet. At the same time, we understand that many pet owners may think their pet may never be lost. Sadly, that’s simply not the case. Many owners lose pets every year when their cats unexpectedly dart out the front door or their dogs disappear while chasing a squirrel. Microchipping helps protect you and your pet from unexpected separation and significantly increase the chance for a happy reunion.

Is your pet microchipped? If not, contact our vet clinic today to learn more and schedule an appointment for your pet!