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Posted on 06-23-2017

Signs of Dental Disease from your Portland Veterinarian

Pet Dental

You know your dog or cat may have plaque and tartar. That’s why you always try to get your pet to sit through teeth cleaning at home with a toothbrush. It doesn’t often go as planned, though. Your pet tends to wriggle free and their teeth remain in poor condition.

If you’re not having any success attempting to brush your pet’s teeth at home, bring them in for a pet dental cleaning at a veterinarian in Portland. This vet can also let you know if your pet is at risk for dental disease.

What Are the Signs of Dental Disease?

Also called periodontitis, dental disease affects cats about the same way it does dogs. It’s more common for dogs to have periodontitis, but that doesn’t mean cat owners should give up trying to maintain their pet’s oral health.

Here are the signals to look out for:

  • Your pet has changes in appetite. With a mouth condition, they’re probably going to eat less. If so, look out for weight loss and the inability to chew hard things, from kibble to chew bones.
  • Some of your pet’s teeth have fallen out. You’re not sure how or when, but when they open their mouth, you see visible teeth gaps.
  • The color of your pet’s teeth has changed. Where once their teeth where a healthy white, they’re now brown or yellow.
  • Your pet has swollen gums that may also be reddened. 
  • The biggest indicator that your furry friend needs pet dental cleaning is their breath. The worse this smells, the higher likelihood they have periodontitis.

About Peninsula Dog & Cat Clinic, Your Veterinarian in Portland

Are you concerned your pet may have periodontitis? Do you want to bring them in for a teeth cleaning? Come see us at Peninsula Dog & Cat Clinic, your veterinarian in Portland. Led by veterinarians Dr. Sam Karben and Dr. Kenneth DeRemer, our other services include pet gastrointestinal issues, flea and tick treatment, microchipping, spaying and neutering, surgery, and vaccinations.

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To learn more about pet dental and dental disease or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 503-285-7661.

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