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Portland Pet Dental Services for Health and Wellness

Pets are not typically known for their fresh, minty breath, but a pet's bad breath can be an indication that larger problems are at hand. One of the essential components of a pet's overall health care is pet dental care, and at Peninsula Dog and Cat Clinic, we offer a range of Portland dog dental and cat dental services.

Our veterinary hospital has long been serving the needs of area dogs, cats, chickens, small mammals and other pocket pets. We provide everything from cat and dog surgery to emergency vet services, with vaccinations and spay and neuter in between. Our lead veterinarian, Dr. Kenneth DeRemer, can provide a specific wellness and health program tailored to the needs of each individual pet, a program that often includes pet dental care.

Pet Dental Care is Part of our Comprehensive Wellness Program

Portland Pet Dental CareExtremely bad breath in a pet can be a sign of an oral or dental disease, conditions that require immediate treatment from our Portland veterinary hospital before they become worse and potentially lead to the deterioration of a pet's overall health. Other signs of an oral or dental condition include loose teeth, discolored teeth covered in tartar, and constantly dropping food or drooling from the mouth. Pets suffering from a dental or oral disease can also experience bleeding from the mouth area, a tendency to shy away from touching around the mouth, and a loss of weight or appetite. The latter symptom is one that requires immediate care from our Portland veterinarians, as it can be an indication of other internal diseases in addition to a dental or oral condition.

Such extreme conditions may require extreme measures, such as dental surgery, although pet owners do not need to wait until a pet experiences such symptoms. As it is with humans, the most effective cat and dog dental care is preventative measures. Our veterinarian can provide regular pet dental examinations and cleanings, which can be scheduled on their own or as part of the pet's annual wellness program checkup. Dental X-rays can be taken during the exam to help spot and treat potential problem areas before they advance to a serious level.

Dog and Cat Dental Services in PortlandOur veterinarian cleans a pet's teeth by gently removing the built-up tartar and plaque. Dr. DeRemer can also advise on a home pet dental program. Home cat and dog dental care typically includes regular brushing and rinsing with specially formulated dental rinses, specific dental chews and foods that can help maintain oral hygiene and dental health.

Peninsula Dog and Cat Clinic provides the foundation for pets to experience the healthiest and longest life possible, with pet dental care as an essential component in that foundation. The foundation is further strengthened by our ability to quickly and effectively provide emergency vet care, routine or advanced pet surgery procedures, and our compassionate staff that meets the needs of our community's pets. Call us at 503-285-7661 to schedule a professional teeth cleaning for your pet today.
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